Ovante, a product of Accion, is a global initiative to provide innovative solutions for microentrepreneurs to help them build their management, financial and digital capacities by incentivizing actual behavior change, in order to thrive in a competitive and digital world.​ 

Our solutions are designed following a customer- centric approach to have an in-depth understanding of behavioral barriers that impede microentrepreneurs to grow their businesses and adopt digital financial services. 

Our goal is to equip our users with the information, knowledge, skills and tools that will support their progress.

Where 85% of the cost of a traditional education program is in delivering it, Ovante’s solutions are scalable with a focus on content and engagement, using a data-driven approach to understanding its users. Ovante has the power to create efficiencies and enable new levels of standardization and customization. Ovante offers its user:​

• Proven tools to improve businesses and sell more.​

• New managerial and digital skills.​

• Confidence in accessing new digital financial services.​

• A break from traditional beliefs and habits making room for positive behavior change.​

• A data -driven approach to understanding user behavior and ability to react to their needs.

We understand the different capacities needs that low income microentrepreneurs and individual need to develop. Our EdTech team is also open to create specific digital content and/or EdTech solutions to support ad hoc developments. Contact us here

Accion is a global nonprofit on a mission to create a fair and inclusive economy where underserved people have quality financial choices and opportunities to improve their economic wellbeing.

We are the leading early-stage investor in fintech for inclusion and experts in digital transformation with decades of experience harnessing the capital markets to deliver cheaper, more accessible, and customer-friendly solutions for the nearly 2 billion people left out of, or poorly served by, the financial sector. For more than 60 years, Accion has helped tens of millions of people through our work with more than 235 partners in 75 countries.