LolaDigital is a unique and no-cost digital capacity building program for young women entrepreneurs who want to expand and build their online businesses in Mexico, Ecuador, Colombia, Nigeria, and India. Available in Spanish, English and Hindi, the program will equip participants with the skills and knowledge to grow and support their businesses with confidence. Online webinars and e-learning modules will develop their technical and soft skills, while an added mentoring component will bring together participant cohorts with volunteer mentors to work on a business-related activity.

Ovante Latin America

Designed for the Latin American microentrepreneur, Ovante LatAm is a Spanish language tool with a focus on capacity-building via a behavior change approach. It is based on a learning methodology which drives adoption and usage of digital and financial products across the business and personal lives of microentrepreneurs. Ovante LatAm consists of 10 short and easy-to-understand modules and incorporates elements that have proved effective in building financial capabilities and positively influencing behavior change.​

Covid-19 Recovery Toolkit

In light of Covid-19, Ovante’s Covid-19 Recovery Toolkit in Spanish, English and Hindi, serves micro-entrepreneurs with free and relevant information to navigate the crisis by making good use of financial services. The Toolkit contains content to build capacities for the proper use of technology (concepts, trust and responsibility) to facilitate the transition to digital inclusion. Its content facilitates the acceptance, adaptation to the new reality with a positive and purposeful mindset and allows for reflection on preparing for any possible future crisis.​

Ovante 5x5

Designed for a global audience, Ovante 5X5 enables MSMEs to have more successful businesses by participating in short, focused and practical programs that will help them grow their businesses and make them more resilient. Ovante 5X5 offers five S.M.A.R.T.E.R programs that are Specific, Measurable, Relevant and Time Defined, Entertaining and Rewarding, each with 5 steps presented in a fun and reengaging context, with tangible rewards for microentrepreneurs.​

Dialogue of Business

Dialogue of Business is an award-winning in-person business skills training program that uses interactive games and role-playing to help participants solve real-life business challenges. Dialogue of Business workshops are based on the real situations of participants, rather than textbook cases and therefore is especially engaging for people with little formal education who may not learn effectively in a traditional classroom setting.

Money Plan

Money Plan is an in-person financial literacy program that helps low-income individuals improve their ability to manage their personal and household finances and become informed and effective consumers of financial services. With a focus on India, the “trainer of trainers” program is distributed to financial services providers and other companies interested in strengthening their customers’ skills.