“Due to lack of relevant skills and resources to capital, over 50% of microentrepreneurs across the globe remain at the base of the pyramid, unable to grow their small businesses. Ovante empowers them with the tools and resources to take that important next step to success.”

When you support a microentrepreneur, you are investing in a family capacity to dream about their future, send kids to school or to have nutritional meals. Your support will help communities to prosper. 

With your support, Ovante can respond to the urgent needs of microentrepreneurs in three dimensions:

  1. Expanding their business vision and capabilities.​
  2. Breaking away from traditional beliefs and habits, making room for positive behavior change.​
  3. Strengthening their ability to make informed decisions for their financial wellbeing.

A donation to Ovante is an investment in bridging the digital divide that marginalizes and excludes the world’s poorest citizens. The global COVID-19 pandemic has brought the importance of digital tools to the forefront; even after the crisis has diminished, we will face a different world with different business needs. Markets will rely more than ever on digital channels, and individuals without the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to successfully navigate the new world order will face increasing exclusion from economic opportunities.

We face an urgent need to help our microentrepreneurs develop the skills they need to understand and confidently use digital tools, to help them survive and succeed.