LolaDigital is a unique and no-cost digital capacity building program for young women entrepreneurs who want to expand and build their online businesses in Mexico, Ecuador, Colombia, Nigeria and India. 

Available in Spanish, English and Hindi, the program will equip participants with the skills and knowledge to grow and support their businesses with confidence. Online webinars and e-learning modules will develop their technical and soft skills, including digital marketing, online sales, communication, decision making and problem solving. 

An added mentoring component will bring together participant cohorts with volunteer mentors, creating space for each participant to practice their soft skills while developing business related activities in an effort to improve and enhance their entrepreneurial capabilities.


Introductory live webinars to the program and its topics, facilitated by local women.  These webinars will be recorded and offered as part of the free content in our Lola Digital platform.


Each one of our three 20-min. actionable 24/7 e-learning modules is designed with the female entrepreneur in mind; to increase their self-confidence with a positive mindset, build decision making skills, and gain knowledgeable skills in digital marketing and social media for the woman entrepreneur to successfully expand her selling and growing opportunities in a digital world.


Upon completion of all e-learning modules each participant will have the option to apply and attend the Mentoring Program consisting of 3 online sessions for 1 month. Each mentee will be guided and supported with specific mentoring expectations and achievable goals to develop and improve their personal self-confidence and positive mindset as they develop their entrepreneurial opportunities as women in a digital world!

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Are you looking to promote and offer LolaDigital to your clients?