Ovante Latin America

Ovante Latin America

Ovante Latin America is a digital platform designed to strengthen the management, financial & digital capabilities of microentrepreneurs by incentivizing actual behavior change, in order to help them thrive in a competitive and digital world.

Ovante consists of 10 short and easy-to-understand modules and incorporates elements that have proved effective in building financial capabilities and influencing behavior change.

Ovante’s learning methodology drives adoption and usage of digital and financial products and tools, in both the business and personal lives of microentrepreneurs. This includes interventions at teachable moments during a microentrepreneurs journey, learning by doing, ability to practice with products and actual financial tools such as a cash flow statement, reminders and nudges that support good habits and encourage self-discipline, all with an element of fun, using gamification to help retain new information and social sharing features along the way. 

Ovante’s data-driven approach offers partners actionable insights around client data, providing partners with predictive modelling to allow for a more robust KYC, as well as a behavior score for users, thereby enabling segmentation for cross-selling, up-selling and differentiated campaigning.

Ovante’s social impact is based on the impact it would achieve in positively changing user behavior. The theory of change for Ovante underscores the relationships between products and tools offered, capabilities enhanced, leading to behavior change and improved financial

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