Ovante is the right choice for your institution if you..

• Face a growing need for digital transformation, requiring clients to move towards digital while continuing to learn financial and business skills.​

• Face daily supply chain challenges with micro-merchants and distribution networks having limited cash on hand or little understanding of inventory and treasury management. ​

• Are seeking an integrated service offering within your product, that not only offers products and services, but also builds capacities in your users. ​

• Are looking for a data-driven approach offering actionable insights around client behavior​

Why Ovante?

Applicable to all microentrepreneurs

While traditional managerial, financial and digital capability-building tools typically require some level of relevant knowledge, Ovante is designed to allow those with even low levels of literacy to learn and put their learning into practice.

Proven to change

Ovante identifies habits, myths and traditional beliefs that impede success and nudges its users towards positively changing these over time.


Ovante’s data-driven approach offers actionable insights around client behavior, using machine learning to enable user segmentation for cross-selling, up-selling and differentiated campaigning. ​

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